Sahasraa specializes in personalized business plans. With a proven step-by-step process, we help you to tackle the small and large obstacles that come in the way of your business. Our experience and expertise in creating project reports has helped a huge number of businesses get established successfully. Whether you are micro business just about to get started or a larger business ready for a change – SAHASRAA is here to help.


SAHASRAA offers a broad range of high-quality market research services to provide you with timely and accurate market intelligence needed to support your domestic/international start-up and expansion decisions. We gather the information you need about your industry, competitors, customers, or even your own organization. We obtain the necessary research and explain the critical data you need to make sound business decisions.

  Demographic Analysis

Understanding the demographics of your target market provides you with in-depth insight regarding the potential impact of demographic changes that may be present over a much longer time horizon. A demographic analysis will evaluate how shifts in age, race and other economic variables may impact the need for your services or create potential risks to your survival.

  Qualitative Interviews

We are adept at conducting probing interviews of key competitors, industry sources, customers, employees, and anyone else we need to talk to on your behalf. These interviews provide you with insights into what makes your competitors tick or help you learn more about what your key target audiences really think.

  Competitor Intelligence

While the Internet has made it easy to gather basic information on competitors, competitive intelligence involves much more than this. We also use primary research techniques including networking with industry experts, customers, suppliers, key referral sources and even the competitor themselves to better understand your competitive environment. We combine this information with the use of secondary research sources including subscription databases and news sources to help you make informed decisions and strategies.

  Secondary Research

At the core of our secondary research is our efficient online searching of the appropriate computer databases. We let you know what has been published in the trade and consumer news media about your competitors, target market, and other vital subjects. We also work with various demographic databases to develop estimates of your market potential.

  Focus Groups

Our focus groups obtain insight into the complex considerations and thought processes that your key target audiences consider when making their evaluations and decisions. The qualitative nature of focus groups allows for probing insights about motivations, market needs and desires, as well as providing information that may influence your planning process. These groups help you get at opinions, issues, problems and solutions.


When the need arises, we develop surveys to define opinions, employee attitudes, and customer concerns. These surveys provide you with quantifiable data about your ideas and the reactions they generate.

  Secret Shopping

Sometimes you need to understand how well your sales team is doing in sharing your brand message to your target audience. We can assess their conversation approaches, closing techniques and positioning efforts in response to unsolicited contacts from a prospective customer or client.


Our team will help you with all your incorporation needs and provide tips, tricks & tools to help your business succeed.


Using a variety of facilitation methods, our business consultants help organizations formulate business strategy, communicate it clearly and assist the organization in carrying it out successfully. We evaluate your current state, determine a strategic direction and laying out a roadmap of strategic initiatives. A Strategic Plan explains why an organization exists, what it intends to accomplish and the tactics it will take to achieve its goals and objectives.

  Market Opportunity Analysis

We assess if there really is an opportunity for your idea. We evaluate how you can best take advantage of the opportunity. If necessary, we will help modify “your idea to make sure meet market needs”.

  Industry Trend Analysis

Our research can reveal if there is room for you to make a move in your industry. We can also determine if you are approaching it the right way. Our industry studies provide you with an overview of the key issues and trends shaping your industry, the emerging trends, and an evaluation of your competitors

  Concept Development

Coming up with a good concept is half the battle. Making it work is the other half. We help you win on both fronts, from the initial concept to refining it to full market entry. We enhance the development of your service with a combination of research tools. Then we overlay our findings with your specific concerns and options.

  Strategic Planning

We provide an objective evaluation of whether your broad organizational vision matches your market reality. We help you visualize where you need to be and help formulate new goals. We work to actualize your vision by developing realistic strategies and tactics to get you there.

  Marketing Planning

We assess your skills and market opportunities to identify the various issues associated with effectively reaching your target market. We help you leverage all the marketing activities of your organization so they coordinate together to build your business.


  Accounting Services

Our accounting experts help create meaningful and well-organized financial records. Our full range of cost effective accounting services include – General Ledger/Financial Statement Preparation, Bookkeeping (Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly), Accounting system set-up for new businesses, Business Tax Returns, Personal Tax Returns and other tax advisory services.

  Cashflow & Budgeting Analysis

Running a profitable business requires careful attention to cash flow issues. Sahasraa can assist you in this critical area by providing forecasting and evaluation of your company’s financial condition. We can also estimate financing requirements and track cash-flow sources and uses, thereby ensuring cash flow support.

  Financial Forecasts & Projections

Successful business owners and professionals understand the importance of financial forecasts and projections. Forecasting can assist in the effective management of business profitability. SAHASRAA can assist in the effective development and use of financial forecasts. From simple projections to complex financial modeling, our experienced staff can assist you in achieving your company’s financial goals.

  Funding Services

Our core team will understand your business model and help you access a wide variety of investor options. Using the project reports that we prepare for your business – we will work towards raising the necessary capital for launching the project. Our network of Private Investors, Banks and Government agencies will help you launch your business smoothly.


  Technology Consulting

With our technology experts SAHASRAA will help your business stay upto date with technology in the workplace and can help your business plan & solve technology problems that may arise. We have a wide array of technology services from domain registrations, website design & development, digital marketing, social media marketing, application development services and CRM services.